Permaculture Principle #4 – Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

permaculture design
I leap . . . then I look.

If you’re anything like me, you have done a considerable amount of leaping without looking, and jumping in with both feet. It’s how I roll. But, as I have learned from experience, that is quite often not so brilliant. By applying self-regulation, we just might save ourselves from making painful mistakes when setting up our permaculture systems. Continue reading “Permaculture Principle #4 – Apply self-regulation and accept feedback”

Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy

Most people consider energy to be only something that you buy, to turn on your lights or heat your house. But electricity is not the only renewable energy floating around in the world. The natural energies are everywhere, and with ingenuity and knowledge, we can learn to harness these energies in a sustainable and low-impact way, to provide for our needs without damaging our earth. Continue reading “Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy”