Introducing my permaculture vegetable garden 2020

Black Turtle Bean flower in the permaculture garden
Black Turtle beans have tiny purple flowers.

The permaculture vegetable garden I currently have is a much smaller endeavor than the first one I built. And while the first garden had plenty of sun, this garden has a lot of shade. The half-acre property where I live is surrounded by very tall trees, and a hill to the south; and there was really only one place that made sense to put the garden. Continue reading “Introducing my permaculture vegetable garden 2020”

Permaculture Principle #5 – Use and value renewable resources and services

This is another one of my faves. Resources are all around us, although we don’t always recognize them. But once you put your mind to it, you can become quite creative in your hunt for resources. Let’s start with the obvious one: compost.

Compost is everywhere. It happens in your gutters, it happens in the garden, and if you’re as bad a housekeeper as I am, it happens in your fridge. Continue reading “Permaculture Principle #5 – Use and value renewable resources and services”

Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy

Most people consider energy to be only something that you buy, to turn on your lights or heat your house. But electricity is not the only renewable energy floating around in the world. The natural energies are everywhere, and with ingenuity and knowledge, we can learn to harness these energies in a sustainable and low-impact way, to provide for our needs without damaging our earth. Continue reading “Permaculture Principle #2 – Catch and Store Energy”